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Gutters & Water Drainage Systems.

The effective shedding of water is a basic function of a roofing system. Scuppers, gutters, downspouts, and unimpeded roof slope must all work in concert to protect a roof system.

Gutters are a Roof's Best Friend

Gutters are a vital architectural component of a safe home. They protect from water intrusion, which can lead to mold growth and rotting of walls, siding, and wood fascia boards. This is why you must maintain them regularly.

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Improved Gutter Technology

Today’s modern gutter systems outperform the gutters produced years ago. Gutters used to be installed with nails or spikes, which penetrated the back of the gutters and created square-shaped holes. Small amounts of water could infiltrate the surrounding wood or siding through those holes, leading to deterioration of the materials behind the gutters. Add to that snow or other debris, weighing down the gutters. Because of this, gutters would pull away from the roof eaves and fascia board, causing even more property damage.

Seamless Gutters by Apex

Apex Roofing Pros property installs seamless gutters with soil erosion around building foundations. The hangers clip into the front of the gutter and Efficient slide over the back via a screw that runs into the fascia board, giving you a much more secure drainage system with less chance of leakage from rain water and melted snow or ice. Efficient water drainage can prevent erosion-related issues like weakened foundations, cracked walls, and basement-level water intrusion.

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Gutter Guards Prevent Obstruction of Water Flow

When water can not flow freely from the roof, it gives moisture an opportunity to eventually find its way into any vulnerable parts of the roof structure. This can cause rotting of the wooden parts of a roof and the cultivation of mold spores. To protect your home, Apex Roofing Pros installs gutter guards that prevent leaf and other debris from clogging your gutters and seriously compromising the efficient shedding of water off your roof and away from your building’s walls and foundation.

Soil Erosion

Save your home from potential problems like soil erosion and flooding by getting a new rain gutter system. The added water drainage will prevent all those pesky settling issues that can lead to cracked walls and basement damage due to poor foundation conditions caused by wet siding, preventing runoff into the house.

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Protect Fascia and Soffits

A clean gutter system is essential if we want ours free from cracks or holes because one of these two problems often leads us here – either too many leaves getting into our drainage pipes after storms pass through, which obstructs their flow. When gutters are not maintained properly, water can enter and damage a property’s exterior. It’s essential to have high-quality gutter systems that will hold up against the elements so they don’t overflow onto areas like soffits or fascia boards where corrosion occurs more easily due in part to constant moisture exposure over time.

Aluminum extension

If you are looking for an easy fix to keep your home or business roof running smoothly, aluminum downspout extensions may be the perfect solution. They’re affordable and quick to install, with little maintenance needed in between cleanings.

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Quality Gutters with Apex

Apex has the perfect gutter system to fix your home’s water damage. We offer unmatched quality and performance that you can rely on for years down the line, as well as a wide selection of models, so no matter what size or shape house there is in need, we’ll have just what they need.

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Clear the debris

As a dedicated company, Apex Roofs work to protect homes and communities by providing high-quality gutter services. We know how important your gutters are not only for water drainage but also in preventing storm damage like damages from hail storms or winds.

Inspect the gutters

Gutters are an integral part of your home’s exterior. They can fill up with debris following a storm or make their way down over time, causing damage to the gutters and roofing system itself. Apex Roofing takes gutter care very seriously; while we will be replacing your gutters for you, this is not all that our team at Apex Roofing has in store! We also offer comprehensive cleaning services so homeowners know how to remain safe while keeping on top of any potential problems they may encounter throughout the process.

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Gutter downspouts are an integral part of a Drainage System.

Without clear, functional downspouts a building’s foundation can be subject to erosion, compromising the strength, safety, and overall integrity of your property. Apex Roofing Pros will clear blockages in downspouts, fix broken downspouts, or fully replace gutters and downspouts as needed.

The Best Gutter Systems One Can Get

The Apex Roofing team is here to help you with your gutters. We can provide a competitive quote and excellent products, so don’t hesitate – call today.