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Single Ply Roofing

Top Quality Single Ply Roofing Lancaster PA

As a business owner, it is essential to invest in a roofing solution that guarantees top-quality protection from extreme weather conditions, energy efficiency, and durability. A commercial single ply roofing solution is the ideal roofing option that provides all of these essential roofing characteristics. Our specialized team is committed to providing top-quality commercial single ply roofing solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses.

We understand that every business is different, and that’s why we take our time to assess each client’s unique needs before recommending the ideal roofing solution. Our team of insured and licenced roofers works diligently to ensure that our clients’ roofing needs are met beyond their expectations. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our ability to deliver results that exceed our client’s expectations. Partner with us today for top-quality commercial single ply roofing solutions that you can rely on.

Single Ply Roofing Lancaster
Single Ply Roofing Company Lancaster
What is Single Ply Roofing?

Single ply roofing is a type of roofing system that’s made from sheets of strong, flexible material. Unlike traditional roofs that might use several layers, single ply roofing uses just one layer of this material. These sheets are made from different types of plastics or rubbers, and they’re designed to be waterproof and durable. They are usually lightweight, which makes them easy to install. Roofers roll out these big sheets over the top of a building and then seal them to make sure no water can get through. This kind of roofing is really popular for flat or slightly sloped roofs on big buildings, like offices or schools, because it’s good at keeping water out and lasts a long time.

Our Commercial Single Ply Roofing Process

Our expert team follows a systematic approach to ensure the success of your metal roof restoration project
Step 1: Consultation and Inspection

Start by scheduling a consultation and inspection with one of our highly trained roofing experts. They will conduct a precise assessment of your existing roofing system, discussing your specific needs and goals. You'll receive detailed information about the single ply roofing options available and how they can benefit your commercial property.

Step 2: Tailored Roofing Solution

After the inspection, it's time to choose the best-fit single ply roofing solution for your business. Our experienced team will help you evaluate the type of single ply material that suits your requirements and preferences. We'll also discuss insulation options and any energy-efficient solutions you may desire. Your decision will guide the customization of your roofing project, ensuring it aligns with your objectives.

Step 3: Professional Installation

Once you've chosen the ideal single ply roofing solution, our skilled installation crew will begin the roofing project. You can sit back and relax as the installation unfolds before you. Our team works efficiently to ensure minimal disruption to your business operations. Soon, you'll enjoy the benefits of a durable, energy-efficient, and visually appealing new roofing system that enhances the protection and aesthetics of your commercial property.

Benefits of Single Ply Roofing Lancaster PA

Single-ply roofing systems offer several advantages for commercial and industrial buildings. Here are some key benefits of single-ply roofing


Single-ply membranes, such as TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), are highly durable and resistant to UV radiation, chemicals, and punctures. They have a long service life, often exceeding 20 years with proper maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

Single-ply roofing systems can be reflective or highly emissive, which means they reflect sunlight and heat away from the building. This helps reduce cooling costs during hot weather and contributes to energy efficiency.


Single-ply roofing materials are lightweight compared to traditional roofing systems, putting less stress on the building's structure. This can reduce the need for costly structural modifications.

Low Maintenance

These roofing systems require minimal maintenance over their lifespan. Occasional inspections and routine cleaning are typically all that's needed to keep them in good condition.

Resistance to Chemicals

Single-ply membranes are resistant to many chemicals, making them suitable for industrial and commercial settings where exposure to chemicals is a concern.


Single-ply roofing systems are versatile and can be installed on various types of roof decks, including flat roofs and low-slope roofs. They are also compatible with various attachment methods, such as fully adhered, mechanically attached, or ballasted.


While the upfront cost of single-ply roofing materials may be slightly higher than some alternatives, their durability and energy efficiency can lead to long-term cost savings through reduced maintenance and lower energy bills.


Frequently Asked Questions Single Ply Roofing in Lancaster PA

How long can I expect a Single Ply Roofing system to last?
The lifespan of a Single Ply Roofing system can vary but typically ranges from 20 to 30 years or more with proper maintenance.
Is Single Ply Roofing suitable for my commercial building, and can it withstand extreme weather conditions?
Single Ply Roofing is an excellent choice for various commercial and industrial buildings. It is known for its resilience and can withstand a range of weather conditions, including hot and cold climates.
Is Single Ply Roofing energy-efficient, and can it help reduce cooling costs?
Yes, Single Ply Roofing is energy-efficient. It often reflects sunlight, reducing heat absorption, and can contribute to lower cooling costs in hot weather.
What kind of maintenance does a Single Ply Roofing system require?
Single Ply Roofing systems require minimal maintenance. Regular inspections and occasional cleaning to remove debris are typically sufficient. Timely repairs are essential to address any damage.
Can Single Ply Roofing be repaired if it gets damaged?
Yes, Single Ply Roofing can be repaired if it sustains damage. Professional repairs can address issues such as punctures, tears, or seam separations.
Is Single Ply Roofing environmentally friendly and recyclable?
Single Ply Roofing is considered environmentally friendly. Membranes used are recyclable, and its long lifespan reduces waste and environmental impact.